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Our Process

At Sonam Rugs every one of our handmade carpets is manufactured using specific steps in order to create masterpieces. We start with the design then the development and lastly the rendering of the carpet. After careful consultation with our design team, we create the perfect design for you. Once the design is finalised, we start the development process. This is where the carpet is born; quality yarns are selected and processed and then go for dyeing. The dyes are 100% AZO free and made out of pure natural components and quality Swiss dyes. Now starts the weaving process, which is done with the utmost care. Once that is complete, we start trimming the carpet to its accurate size. The next step is the thorough washing, and then the sun drying which takes about 4 to 5 days. The final process is the stretching. And possibly re-trimming, if required.


We start by creating the design of the carpet followed by its size and colour. The Designer examines size, materials, colour, print, and quality. We directly address our Client's needs and their choice and taste in innovative ways. Once the design is approved we select the colour and material used is accordance to the budget given.


Dyeing the wool/silk is a delicate process, as we need to ensure the quality of each colour. Dyeing can take several hours, transforming the yarn into beautiful colours. Only Swiss dyes and natural dyes are used for this process. This in turn ensures the long lasting quality of the colour. These dyes are 100% AZO free, colour fast and very vibrant.


Once the dyeing process is over, we start by hanging all the threads on the loom, to help us weave the carpet. Weaving is a delicate process as there are no margins for mistakes. Our dedicated and experienced Staff carefully knot the carpet and step-by-step the carpet gets its shape. After the weaving is complete, we start trimming the carpet to its required size. This is done very carefully, with specialised equipment so as to ensure the quality of the edges.


Now that we have a hand-woven carpet the process continues to the final washing and then sun-drying stage. This may take upto 4 to 5 days.


The last step of the manufacturing process is the stretching. The dried carpet is now stretched, and if necessary re-trimmed to get the surface on a perfect even level.


After ensuring its finished quality, we finally start the packing process. The carpet is stretched out on a protective underground and carefully rolled up using polyester plastic sheets and jute fibre to protect it from any damage and to ensure that it retains its quality during shipping.

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