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Authentic Handmade Rugs Nepal

Our aim is to deliver ‘quality without compromise’ in all its flooring styles. Initiated with a handful of weavers in Kathmandu, Sonam Rugs quickly spread roots in both domestic and international markets. With the prominent showrooms in Kathmandu, Nepal, Sonam Rugs is known for its exceptional quality handmade Tibetan rugs & carpets and timeless beauty.


Welcome To Sonam Rugs

Authentic Handmade Carpets Nepal

As one of the finest and high quality modern Tibetan carpets manufacturer in Nepal, Sonam Rugs has built a reputation for providing exclusive and finest carpets. Sonam Rugs offers a unique product line which has made the brand a globally recognized name for its exceptional quality and timeless beauty.

As leading manufacturers of Hand-Knotted Nepalese Rugs, We design rugs  with a passion to transform commercial and residential spaces while adding a sense of style, comfort and luxury. Our rugs are crafted precisely in a variety of unique designs and styles. You can recreate any look you want for your personal space with our beautifully designed rugs that match all types of interiors.

At Sonam Rugs, all carpets are each uniquely handmade, with craftsmanship and skill being passed down through generations. What makes our rugs different is their attention to intricate detail, history and above all, quality.

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Our Rug Making Process

There are several steps involved in the Tibetan carpet-making process. Here are the some of the process that we use in Sonam Rugs.







Making Difference

As leading Hand Knotted Tibetan Rugs manufacturer in Nepal, Our modern Tibetan rugs are handcrafted in a Fair Trade workshop in Nepal that adheres to the ‘Good Weave’ project.

We only source rugs that have been ethically created and without child labour. As a member of the GoodWeave Nepal Foundation, we’re dedicated to providing free education and better health to the families of our artisans.

Sonam Rugs also cultivates empowerment programs for women in Nepal’s carpet making regions, teaching them many of the vital skills required to build a better life.

Every rugs we made speaks a story full of dreams, innovation, creativity, and history.

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